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Saliva of Turkish Newspapers


Let me be clear from the first sentence; this post will not be a Christmasy one because I will write about something that makes me angry for a while. So, this is a “hate post”…

Whom I am angry is “Turkish Newspapers”. Since the crisis in Greece has started they look like enjoying the show from the first row. The first days, there were political comments like “EU state Greece goes down” etc. Nowadays, the comments became insulting and no body stops them.

For example, today’s Hurriyet newspaper there is a so-called “business man” commenting about Greece saying that “The Greek companies trying to sell themselves to Turkish companies; and they are running after us”. First of all, who the frack are you? How many Greek companies came to you to even talk?

That is the thing I am angry about, the SALIVA of some people are dripping from their mouth. Nobody even aware that if Greek market goes down the regional market goes down.

Turks bet on their local economy to grow; but what will happen when the “micro-loans” you gave around like pop-corn collapse? Why did the mortgage interest raised 10% in 1 year? Because, where you get the money (Europe) see that you are going down and do not want to stuck with another mortgage crises. Self confidence without knowledge should be considered as crime.

In my opinion, Turks should be more clever and LEARN from Greek crises instead of acting like the regional Gods… They will need it… I admit, the things will not be as bad as Greece when the crisis hit; because of the heavy industry BUT again, the salaries will go down, devaluation of Turkish Lira is a big possibility.

Why do people are so happy to watch other people’s misery? Do they feel better about themselves? Superior? Don’t they see what ever IMF does to Greece is actually a recipe of what will happen to the others???


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