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Turkish TV culture continues to terrorise Greek Nation


A typical turkish family. Or is it really?

Well, of course title is a joke; but every joke has a reality in it.

In Greece , Turkish TV series have started to become more and more popular. This is something not only about Greece, but it is about marketing strategy of Turkish TV channels.

The Turkish TV industry actually made their initial sales to Arabic countries. The most of the TV series are like old fashion soap operas and stories of meaningless lives of rich people. Nevertheless, only 2 TV series (that I am aware of) had been shown in Greece TV; one about the Greek and Turkish couples life (3 years ago) and a soap opera style bull$hit (1 year ago).

Till now that was it and to be fair, these two TV series were somewhat on interest of Greeks.

BUT, things are getting worse. Now there are two new soap operas (1 hour per episode) are coming to Greek TV and this time they have no connection with Greek people. So, they are just like another soap opera bought from Brazil or Argentine.

In Turkey, most of the national channels are covered with Turkish TV series on prime time and everybody “follows” 2-3 TV series in detail. Fan groups, water machine discussions are all about them. The series are extremely long (1.5 with commercials) and repeated maybe 4 times a week. Industry employees so much “wanna-be-actors” and the competition is very brutal. Every second month we hear about a death of an actor or actress because of heavy working conditions. Of course, they work too hard, otherwise how can you deliver 1 hour episode each week.

Therefore, I believe Greek Nation is under threat of Turkish TV culture. I am aware that Greek TV culture is not any better, but if what happened to Turkish TV happens to Greek TV; you will miss the current situation, that I can give you the guarantee.


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