Paskalya Çöreği / Choreki

December 27, 2007 Turko One Comment

Paskalye Coregi / Coreki

When I was a kid. My mother always was asking me what do I want when we stop by at a bakery (which is actually first floor of where we live). One of my favorites was ‘Paskalya Çöreği’; a soft cake with hazelnut pieces on it. That was a Greek easter tradition in Turkey which became a common cake in bakeries after a while. They do not call it like that in Greece but simply they call it ‘Choreki’. And it is also common to find when ever you want.

Before the Christmas I have seen it and got very happy about it. After the Christmas I walked into a bakery and asked for one. They weighted it and turned to me and asked something, as a reflex I thought they are asking ‘if that was all’ so with my wonderful Greek I said ‘Nai’ which means Yes. It turned out to be that they were asking if I want a gift rap. So I had a Choreki which looks like a birthday gift.

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