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I am in Greece

We have come to Greece last night. After 3 wonderful days in Antalya we have flied with AtlasJet to İstanbul and at 9 o’clock we swicthed to Olympic Airlines to Athens to be landed at 10:45. Today, before the last working day before Christmas I am trying to deal with banks. Tweet

I am going to Greece

I am in Athens Greece for Christmas but there is more, between the place I currently work (Risoe National Laboratory of Denmark and Greek Renewable Energy Center (CRES) had an agreement of my stay and work for next 3 months after New Year. Hayde Pame… Upwind Project Tweet

Gas Pipeline has been opened

Turkey Greece gas pipeline over Meriç has been opened. prime ministers of both countries had started the project at the same place on 3rd of July 2005. The pipeline will carry Hazar natural gas to Europe and it is 300 km long. And here is something funny for me. The gas ıs comıng from Azerbaijan […]

Electric exchange

Greece and Turkey have signed an agreement a while ago about energy exchange. According to this agreement Turkey has started to give electric to Greece and will continue next 1.5 months at an amount of 180 million kWh. And Greece will give the same amount back in 2008 between January and February. SOURCE: Tweet


The most commonly preferred coffee in Greece is neither Turkish coffee (as they also call it Greek Coffee) nor other hot coffee. Especially in summer time the leader is ‘frappé’. The story goes back to 1957 Selaniki Trade Fair. Nestle’s Greece office leader Yannis Dritsas was trying to introduce a new product for kids and […]

Ha siktir!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the title but I have a reason to write this. The Greek people around me sometimes in traffic jam or when something unexpected happen, say this word. First time I had heard about it I was thinking they are making a joke and trying to show […]

Rakı & Raki

Yeni Raki MarkasıBrand Name New Rakı Anasonlu ÇipuroCıpuro with Anason (τσίπουρο με γλυκάνισο) Ben büyük bir Rakı hayranıyım. Tüm Akdenizde onlarca çeşit Rakı yapılıyor. Türkiye’nin kendi özgü tadı, Türk Rakısı, anasonlu ve su katıldığında renk değiştiren yapısıyla yıllardır pazarda olan YENİ RAKI.   I am a big fan of Rakı. In all Mediterranean dozens of […]

Lokum & Lokumi

Here is another story where the name of the objects fools us. In Greece LOKUMI is not the most desired sweet, but in Turkey LOKUM is very important and widely consumed. So, I had the mission to run after the truth if they are the same. One of my Greek colleagues in the office brought […]

Cacık & Caciki

The miss communication between the people of two countries brings up very strange points. My first example (which will contınue with other examples later) is CACIK and CACIKI. When I first time met some Greek friends and talked about CACIK and CACIKI, both sides were quite believe in that it was an invention of both […]

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